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Sundance Spa 780-Chelsee Arctic Home Living Alaska



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Sundance Spa 880 Optima Video Guides for hot tub care



Video tips on caring for your hot tub for both Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas

Sundance Spa 980 Series Arctic Home Living Alaska



Owner manuals, resources and warranty information on Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas

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Anchorage: 907-561-8717
Fairbanks: 907-451-8717
Wasilla: 907-376-8717

Our Service Promotions

We stock a full line of hot tub supplies including, chemicals/filters/ accessories to keep your spa fresh

Hot tub water change out alaska service

 Water Change Out 

Let us maintain your water and change it out all year long with an automated scheduled hot tub care.

Jacuzzi Water Chemicals Alaska Shipping

   Free Shipping   

Call us today to order your supplies and receive free shipping on orders over $150 all over Alaska.

*Excludes items over 25 lbs, hot tubs, and spa covers.

Free In-Store Pick Up Also Available

SmartTub Hot Tub technology install alaska

   SmartTub Upgrade  

Upgrade your hot tub to SmartTub level and monitor and activate your tub.  Worry-free vacations and automatic heating up before you get home for a soak.

Electrician installing 220v Hot tub outlet Alaska

Upgrade your outlet for your new hot tub to 220v with our sister company, Renewable Energy Systems, Journeyman Electricians.

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