Peyton 680 Sundance Spa®

680 Series Price Range: $6,599 - $10,999


This Alaskan favorite has room for up to five adults, offers lounge seating with wrist jets, and a classic hydrotherapy experience for total relaxation. Sit back in your personal lounge seat and let your worries gently melt away from your back to your wrists to your feet. The Peyton® offers seats in many sizes, configurations, and jet formations soothe muscles and release knots, including a jetted seat that offers a less shallow soak while easing the strain in your back. Like the Ramona® there is an asymmetric foot dome nestled into the side of the footwell providing foot and calf massages. The versatility and value make the Peyton® one of Alaska's top selling 7-foot spas.

Factory Installed UV System


3 Locations Serving All of Alaska

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