Montclair 780 Sundance Spa®

780 Series Price Range: $9,999-13,999


One of Alaskans favorite tubs the Sundance Spa® Montclair® model features two comfy captain chairs, an ultra comfortable lounge seat, and side by side seat for 3 or 4 bathers to enjoy. This compact spa offers specialized seats configured in a popular size and its low profile design makes for easy exit and entry. An Accu-Pressure Therapy Seat relieves tired muscles, stress and tension through deep-tissue pressure. The series-exclusive spiral-action lounge seat helps muscles heal while the rifling action pressure point swirling massages helps you escape discomfort and strain. This spa is the perfect size for your patio or deck bringing all who use it a constant stress reliever.

Factory Installed UV System


3 Locations Serving All of Alaska

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