J-115 Jacuzzi® Hot Tub


Price Range: $5,999-9,799

Seats 2-3 Adults


No space? No Problem! This classic square spa is designed to comfortably accommodate 2-3 adults and is ideal for patios or small spaces. This spa has a low-profile for easy access, comes with built in handles and a textured footwell. In addition to side-by-side seating, its lounge seating design offers the added comfort of a full-body hydro-massage. The spa doesn't require electrical hard-wiring so set up is simple, requiring only a 120V outlet for plug-in. The J-115® model is low maintenance and energy efficient, making it easy on your wallet, so contact us today to get a great quote on this classic hot tub.

Factory Installed UV System


3 Locations Serving All of Alaska

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