Chelsee 780 Sundance Spa®

780 Series Price Range: $9,999-13,999


The Chelsee® Spa offers room for up to seven adults, which is the highest seating capacity in the 780 Series®. This customer favorite has the widest variety of specialized seats where all users can enjoy exclusive stress-melting Fluidix Jets,which can be adjusted for high- and low-impact. All these jets make this spa the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, post workout, or a morning dip to start your day right. Ease into the series-exclusive SMT Seat, which captures the feeling of a hands-on massage for your neck and back. The deep-tissue pressure in the Accu-Pressure Seat is designed to banish fatigued muscles, stress, and tension and a low profile foot dome relieves foot fatigue for full-body comfort from any seat. A variety of specialized seats throughout the Chelsee® are designed to make pain, stress and tension simply fade away.

Factory Installed UV System


3 Locations Serving All of Alaska

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