Bristol 780 Sundance Spa®

780 Series Price Range: $9,999-13,999


Designed to cradle your body comfortably, the Bristol® model features a special spiral-action lounge seat. The Deep tissue, adjustable Accu-pressure jets along the legs of this, one of a kind lounger, offer you more control over your experience. The powerful Accu-Pressure therapy seat is designed to relieve tension and pain providing ample back coverage while targeting the lower neck area. Escape discomfort and strain through a rifling, deep-immersion, high and low impact combination massage. With room for up to five adults, the Bristol® spa features a lounge seat, a bench seat, and a variety of massage combinations. From high or low impact massage combinations to a buddy seat for two, this 780 Series® model blends new technology with good old classic hot tub massage.

Factory Installed UV System


3 Locations Serving All of Alaska

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